June 12, 2014

About Me

In 2003, I developed a severeFullSizeRender cyst formation in the throat. Struggling to speak, I was frantically searching for a doctor who could heal my problem. Every doctor I consulted insisted surgery as the only option, but I was not convinced.

It was then that I approached a Homeopath, who upon hearing my condition, lightly replied, “Take a few pills of Homeopathic medicine, and you will be healed within a month.” I was surprised: Was she understanding the gravity of my problem? It sounded too gentle, too good to be true.

Within 2 months, I was completely healed . I could speak again. Homeopathy’s gentle nature to easily cure even the worst “dis-eases” captivated me. Having personally benefited from the Homeopathic treatment, I decided to become a Homeopath myself and heal patients with the gentle touch of Homeopathy.

Today, by sheer inspiration, I am extending this miraculous and life-saving science to others. As a Homeopath, having moved to Houston, I am still thirsting to learn more and more of this science.

I practice at my two locations (Houston and Missouri city Tx) and by online via Skype or FaceTime.