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I had digestive issues. Digestion almost improved immediately. According to me, Homeopathic Remedies act slowly is a myth. I feel healthier and lighter. I am satisfied with my treatment and believe I am in good hands. I like the holistic approach in homeopathy i.e addressing the individual as a whole.

Larisa Foire

My son had acute inflammation and regular doctors could not help. I brought him to Anusha In 30 minutes the inflammation reduced, so dramatically. He got better and was able to eat for the first time after five days of pain. Anusha gave Homeopathic remedy right in the office and what a relief it was! Myself also, after a year of treatment, I feel much more stable overall. We think it is normal to feel tired, stressed and fatigued because a lot of people live like that. But, when you are in a balanced state( Thanks to Homeopathy!) it’s like being in an improved version of yourself. Suddenly, your whole life is better and I am so grateful to Anusha We are hesitant to try new things but just remember that homeopathy is very old craft, from 18th century and widely popular in Europe. Good luck on your journey.


I have been seeing Anusha for about 4 years now. I have had great progress with my overall health with her techniques and healings. I would recommend Anusha to anyone who is looking for a holistic approach to their health and life


I have been using Homeopathy from Anusha for over one year and I am happy to recommend for people.


Homeopathic healing has no side effects & safe and I believe in it. My daughter had Eczema and after getting treatment from Anusha, she has recovered from it completely.


After my husband passed away, I was coping with the deep suffering of the mourning, strong emotional imbalance, fear, grief, sadness, worries, etc. Even though I am a very old practitioner of meditation and yoga, I was a victim of very deep suffering. I decided to have a consultation with Anusha Thiagarajan. Within one week of the first medicine, the grief totally stopped. I feel strong, confident and able to manage emotions without being a victim of them.


After years of being treated for constant constipation by using medication to assist, I am now having regular bowel movements. My energy level and mood have improved and I am now walking five miles daily whenever possible. I am also able to sleep more restfully. I truly do believe in homeopath healing. I am a 64 year old who has had several surgeries and chronic illnesses through out the years, followed by antibiotics and several prescription medications. All these medications took a large toll on my overall health and my immune system. My body felt like it was getting weaker and weaker from the side effects of all these medications. I felt as they were going to kill me and I had to try something different, something natural. I have been seeing Anusha for six months now and my husband and I are very pleased with the results. I cannot tell you how great it feels to not be take any prescription medicines with those nasty side effects.


I went to Anusha Thiagarajan for my son, who was very hyperactive and aggressive. After treatment, we have seen a drastic change in his overall behavior. He has become much calmer and he follows instructions at home. I would definitely recommend homeopathy as I completely believe in it and have seen it working on my children.


My daughter had seasonal allergies starting with cough and turning into asthma. We met Anusha and now she is healthy. After treatment, this year, she didn’t get an asthma attack even once. We got a permanent solution and our immunity also builds up.

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