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Health is a Lifestyle and Possibility! Homeopathy is a Rapid & Gentle Approach To Healing Any “Dis-Ease” At The Core Level. I love empowering clients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of Homeopathy and the healing arts.



Health is a Reflection of YOU!

A “Dis-Ease” reflects an Imbalance in YOU! Experiencing Peak Health and Happiness is all about Balance in Mind, Body, and Soul. Using Tools & Techniques such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Home Remedies and Detox, I wish to Stimulate Health Through The Natural & Holistic Approach.


Experiencing Health is Invoking Harmony and Well-Being in YOU!

Homeopathy Invokes Healing at the Physical, Mental & Emotional Levels, Thereby Strengthening the Immune System. I believe in Healing and Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul and I believe that I am the right Healer for you! Experiencing Health is All About Having a Strong Immune System!

About Me

Anusha Thiagarajan, I am a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner and founder of Holistic Homeopathy for Wellness Homeopathy. I am a member of the Council of Homeopathic Certification USA & National Center for Homeopathy.


I am currently practicing Classical Homeopathy in Sugar Land, TX. I am also offering consultations online via Zoom or Skype. I am trained and experienced to heal a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical conditions. I believe that each person is unique and, I work with each individual one-on-one with utmost care and compassion to provide personalized care.


In addition to Homeopathy, I am a Certified Health Coach providing nutrition & lifestyle guidance for healthy living. I also include Yoga & Meditation, Supplements, Home Remedies, Detoxification Techniques for Healthy Living.

My Dreams and Aspirations

I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher of Holistic Healing and I have been involved in this practice since 2003. I love empowering clients to understand their body/mind and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. As an Alternative Healer , I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between western medicine and the “alternatives,” while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere to heal.

A Natural, Holistic & Alternative Way of Healing.


A Healing Technique that activates the natural healing process to restore physical and emotional well-being.

We Offer the following Wellness & Healing services

At holistic homeopathy for wellness , we are offering the following services.

What are Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathy remedies are alternative methods of treatment based on nature’s “Law of Cure.” The truth of this law was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and has been verified clinically and experimentally for over two hundred years. Homeopathy is natural, safe, gentle and effective way of treatment. Homeopathic remedies are diluted and purified beyond the point of harm to its quintessential state of energy through the process of dynamization or potentization.

Can Homeopathy heal clients with severe health conditions?

Yes. Definitely. By finding out the root cause of the condition at the CORE LEVEL AND PROVIDING INDIVIDUALIZED HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES, severe health problems can be improved.

What will my first session be like?

The first session is all about knowing the person holistically & the root cause of his/her health condition and providing solutions.


I first take the symptoms of the present condition. Then I take all the symptoms at the mental, physical and emotional level.  I note the past history, ‘never well since’ and the triggering factors associated with his/her health. I analyze the core symptoms affecting his health and providing an individualized Classical Homeopathic remedy. I do provide nutrition, lifestyle corrections if needed.

Is Homeopathy safe for mother and baby during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to use homeopathic remedies as they work deeply to heal from the inside out. The mother, as well as the baby, will derive multiple benefits without any risk. I am trained and knowledgeable about what remedies to give during pregnancy and in what potency.

How Can I Help?

I have helped in complaints such as but not limited to
Respiratory complaints
Respiratory Complaints
Rheumatic complaints
Rheumatic Complaints
Thyroid problems
Thyroid Problems
Woman health complaints
Woman Complaints
digestion complaints
Digestion Complaints
Urinary problems
Urinary Problems
Mind disorders
Mind Disorders
Child complaints
Child Complaints
Skin Problems
Skin Problems
Men Health Issue
Men Complaints

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