The memory of water & homeopathy

One of the theories for how homeopathic medicines work is called “the memory of water” To make a homeopathic medicine, a medicinal agent is diluted dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of times at one part medicine and 10 parts water (or 1:100). It is theorized that a “memory” of the medicine persists in the water, and research published in a major scientific journal has confirmed that “nano doses” of each medicine persist in water even after all of these dilutions.

And because our symptoms of illness actually represent our body and mind’s efforts to fight infection and/or to adapt to stress, there is a certain intelligence and wisdom of our symptoms. By using an individually-selected medicine that has the capacity to mimic the sick person’s symptoms, this homeopathic medicine augments our body’s immune and defense system to initiate healing.

BY Dana Ulman
Homeopathic Educational Services