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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural system of healing which integrates the body, mind, and spirit. By looking into the totality of the symptoms, Homeopathic treatment locates the root disturbance in each individual. Homeopathic remedies then remove and destroy “dis-ease” by stimulating the innate self-healing capacity of the individual. Through this process, not only is balance restored, the individual is allowed to activate his own energetic healing capacity thereby restoring a strong self-sufficient immune system.


What is Homeopathic Philosophy?

The physician’s highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy — to heal — as it is termed. The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently; to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way, according to clearly comprehensible principles. – Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine, 1810.


How does Homeopathy treat patients?

Homeopathic treatment is individualized. A remedy is selected to closely match an individual’s totality of symptoms so that it treats the whole person, not just certain symptoms. In this way, homeopathic treatment activates the individual’s own energetic healing capacity, restoring equilibrium in body and mind. As the balance is restored, symptoms disappear, leaving a strong sense of overall well-being.


Which diseases can be treated with Homeopathy?

Whether a person has a chronic or an acute disease, all of their symptoms form a whole representing the state of imbalance in an individual. By recognizing the pattern of disturbed energy through the identification of the unique expression of symptoms, the homeopath prescribes a remedy.  Through this process, a homeopath is able to treat any ailment by knowing the symptoms.


What are Homeopathic Remedies?


Homeopathic remedies are typically derived from plants, herbs, minerals. The extract of the substance is derived and the selected substance is mixed with either alcohol  or water and macerated.


The macerated plant, alcohol, and water mixture is stored in a dark place to prevent light from changing the chemical properties. When ready, this solution is strained from the course substance leaving a tincture. This tinctured solution is now called a mother tincture  This tincture is then diluted and strongly shaken. This step is repeated over and over to create increasing potencies. For example, one drop of a plant tincture may be mixed with 9 drops of alcohol(1:10) and the mixture will then be strongly shaken by a process called succession.


This undergoes a long process of dilution and succession (vigorous shaking of the solution). only one part of our original mother tincture  is in every million parts of the dilution. The resulting homeopathic remedy is labelled with a potency according to the number of times this has been done. This is what makes homeopathic remedies extremely safe. More than 5,000 substances have been “proven” and used as Homeopathic Remedies. Examples range from Arnica derived from a flowering plant to Calcium Carbonate derived from a mineral and so on.


These Homeopathic Remedies are made in homeopathic pharmacies in accordance with the standards and processes described in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) – the official homeopathic manufacturing manual for the united states. Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA and homeopathic pharmacies and comply with the GDA current Good Manufacturing Practices.

The basis of homeopathy is that very small nano doses of a substance are used in treating the symptoms of a person.


What can I expect during a visit to a Homeopathic practitioner?

You will be asked to describe all your problems in detail as well as give a complete description of everything that characterizes you, especially your feelings, sensations, sensitivity, and psyche. This thorough and initial interview requires approximately three hours. The better the homeopath understands the patient and his or her problems, the better they can individualize to find the specific and most similar remedy for the patient’s condition.


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